As a
Health Care Provider,
are you troubled about the rising cost of
maintaining your
Diagnostic Ultrasound Equipment?

We've got
fast, simple relief.

Our Asset Management Plans
offer our clients several options to better
suit their individual office needs,
such as a standard
Full Service Contract.
Deductible Contract or
Labor Only Contract.

These service contracts are typically
20% to 30% less
than direct factory service.
We will work with your staff to assess your
individual requirements and will configure a
maintenance plan to accommodate your needs.

To better support our customers we offer:

* 100% parts stocking for all system types
to minimize downtime.

* Original replacement parts typically 30%
less than factory supplied items.

In addition, we provide service on a time
and materials basis:
* $145.00 per hour for labor.
* $95.00 per hour for travel.

$325.00 for Preventive Maintenance
on ATL UM9, HDI, HDI 3000
or comparable equipment.

$275.00 for Preventive Maintenance
on ATL Ultramark 4
or comparable equipment.

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